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Machine broke down?
Need Urgent Help?

A breakdown in your on-premise laundry, In-house Hotel Laundry or self-service laundry can be expensive and inconvenient for your business. With Cleanpro, that’s a problem you’ll never have to deal with.

Call us if you have a problem with washing machines, dryers, ironers and etc.

With abundant parts in stock and sole distributor to renowned commercial laundry brands across the region, we’re ready to deal with any emergency quickly and keep your business running smoothly.

Our extensive warehouse enable us to accommodate to over 350,000 spare parts in stock, from leading manufacturers including Cleanpro, Dexter, Fagor, IPSO, LG, Ghidini, Gold Eagle and Wales.

From parts such as nuts and bolts to Laundry machines & accessories, our huge inventory is backed by a dedicated commercial parts department which has exceptional experience in dealing not only with Cleanpro machines, but other major brands listed below. And because each and every spare part is available for dispatch, we can achieve the fastest fix. It means you can rely on us to deliver first-class service when you need it most.

Designed for Peace of Mind
Cleanpro, All-inclusive Package

Our exclusive One Stop Service Solution brings together our world-class machine supply, first-class technican response and 24/7 support in a single package.

One Stop Laundry Solution means you can enjoy complete peace of mind for a simple monthly payment, and free yourself of the hassle and inconvenience that can come with maintaining commercial laundry equipment.

Service Solutions
Engineered to Meet Your Needs

Cleanpro’s service solutions are designed to meet various needs you might have during a machine’s lifetime.

We can stop problems occurring with preventative maintenance, help you meet compliance criteria with services such as gas safety checks, and optimise machines to save you money on utility bills.

One Stop Laundry Business Solutions

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