Discover our innovative blend of premium-grade detergents and softeners with Japanese ionised water technology, for a highly efficient washing experience.

What is LaundroBoost Technology Ultra?

It is a machine that uses an ionised water technology to amplify the power of our detergents and softeners, achieving cleaner, softer laundry with a longer-lasting fragrance!

How we are built different

We are all about elevating your laundry experience, ensuring the best results that bring joy to the little things in your daily life.

Cleanpro antibacterial


Combats bacteria, yeast, and mould on clothes for a more hygienic clean.
Cleanpro softer and anti-wrinkle

Softer and anti-wrinkle

Delivers smooth and easy-to-iron fabrics, even with challenging materials.
Cleanpro longer-lasting fragrance

Longer-lasting fragrance

Fragrance molecules that stay on fabric for longer periods.
Cleanpro colour protection

Colour protection

Keeps your clothes looking vibrant and fade-free, just like new!

The factors behind our cleaning power

Heavy-duty Detergents for a More Powerful Clean

Cleanpro's premium-grade detergents offer superior cleaning power that saves you from carrying your own detergent. Our powerful formula effortlessly tackles stubborn stains and dirt, ensuring a cleaner wash than your typical home washing machine.

  • Thorough cleaning with industrial-strength power that is tough on stains, yet gentle on fabrics
  • Penetrates deep into the fibre cores to dislodge trapped stains
  • Contains antibacterial properties against bacteria, yeast, mould on fabric
  • Protects fabric colours during washing

Softeners with Longer Lasting Fragrance

Experience Cleanpro's in-house formulated softeners with blends of fragrance notes, equipped with advanced fragrance encapsulation technology to ensure your laundry feels softer and carries a captivating, long-lasting scent.

  • Carefully selected fragrance notes that cater to a universal taste, bringing joy to all
  • Keeps the fragrance oil molecules intact, even during the rinsing cycle
  • Longer-lasting fragrance that lingers on dry clothes for weeks, easily released with gentle rubs when you wear them

Ionised Water Technology for Superior Results

Originating in Japan, this groundbreaking technology is redefining the laundry industry, with Cleanpro as the pioneer to incorporate it. Our blend of ionised water with detergents and softeners ensures cleaner, softer, and longer-lasting fragrant laundry.

  • Boosts the powerful extraction of bacteria and dirt, ensuring a thorough cleaning process
  • Transforms hard water into soft water, resulting in a softening effect on laundry with fewer wrinkles that's easier to iron
  • Environmentally friendly by reducing the need for detergents and softeners while maintaining the same level of cleanliness

Did you know?

All the ingredients in our detergents and softeners are halal and fully certified by JAKIM.

Did you know?

All the ingredients in our detergents and softeners are halal and fully certified by JAKIM.

Now you can leave your detergents and softeners at home while achieving the cleanest, freshest, most efficient laundry routine at Cleanpro outlets!