Build Your Own Laundry Brand

Let Cleanpro help you on your journey to launch your own laundry business brand

    Looking to venture into the laundry business?

    Clean laundry is a universal need no matter where you go. That’s what makes the laundry business such a great investment opportunity. Plus, with no inventory and minimal labour needed, you can have a successful business without these hassles.
    Affordable entry point with promising return on your investment (ROI)
    Simple business model with no labour involved and minimal inventory stock required
    Recession-proof business investment model
    Established brand backed by reliable machines

    Laundry equipment you can rely on

    • World-leading laundry machine brand from the U.S. with over 125 years of experience
    • Up to 10 years warranty - the longest in the market
    • Designed for durability and reliability
    • Leading laundry manufacturer with 60 years experience
    • Robust build and ergonomic design for increased durability and efficiency
    • Deliver substantial energy and cost savings with innovative machine features
    • Commercial laundry solutions from a global brand
    • Professional-grade parts that provide better reliability
    • Space-saving and energy efficient design without sacrificing performance

    How Cleanpro helps you get started on building your own laundry brand

    Planning to add laundry as part of a value-added service to your brand?

    We have a strong track record of helping business owners to set up on-premise laundry services as part of their brand’s offering, helping various industries maintain clean and safe environments with high performing laundry solutions.

    Hotels and resorts

    Hospital and healthcare

    Gym or fitness centre

    Universities and colleges

    Marine, cruise, or offshore rig

    Speak with our consultants - let us share our experience and case studies to give you more insights on how we can help you extend your business offering with laundry service.

    Ready to start your own laundry business?

    Simplify your investment with a self-service laundry business that runs itself. Get in touch with our consultants today.