Own a Cleanpro Franchise

Invest your capital in an established brand with a simple and proven franchise business model. Own a Cleanpro self-service laundry outlet today!

    Invest in a self-serving laundry business franchise

    Simplify your investment by having a business that runs itself, giving you more time and energy to expand your business portfolio.
    Proven high success rate franchise business model
    Affordable entry point with promising return on your investment (ROI)
    Recession-proof business investment model
    Simple business model with no labour involved and minimal inventory stock required
    Established brand backed by reliable machines
    Continuous marketing support
    Authorised franchisor registered under KPDNHEP MyFEX2.0 & registered member of MFA and MRCA

    Our Brands

    • Premium self-service laundry franchise
    • Durable and reliable Dexter equipment for efficient operations
    • Powered by LaundroBoost Technology for enhanced washing performance

    • Affordable self-service laundry franchise
    • High quality laundry equipment for efficient operations

    What’s included in our franchisee package?

    An easier way to pay with Cleanpro Plus web app

    Add greater convenience to customers without the need to download an app, while allowing business owners to obtain valuable user information to optimise their business operations.

    More powerful cleaning with LaundroBoost Technology

    Cleanpro’s Premium
    Detergents and Softeners*

    • Antibacterial properties
    • Made from biodegradable materials
    • Longer-lasting fragrance
    • Fabric colour protection
    • Halal-certified

    *Only for selected packages

    Start owning a self-service laundry outlet with easy business loan schemes that give you up to 90% loans*

    Cleanpro makes it super easy and affordable for you to own a franchise to ensure a hassle-free and enjoyable experience as our franchisee.

    How to get started as a Cleanpro franchisee

    1Consultation & Proposal
    Meet up with our product consultant and do a site survey of the proposed outlet location. Undergo Weight of Quality Score (WQS) evaluation to simulate projected profits and business viability.

    After finalising the site selection, the outlet drawings and machine arrangements are produced. The total cost of franchise investment is calculated.
    Once the final costing and outlet location are nailed down, and the agreement finalized, the franchisee is required to place a downpayment.
    3Renovation, Setup, Machine Installation
    Store renovation work commences, which includes piping, plumbing, electrical and lighting, gas system, CCTV installation, and more.

    Once renovation work is complete, washers, dryers, auto-dosing pumps, and supportive equipment such as coin changers and vending machines are installed and set up.
    4Testing & Commisioning
    Machines are tested to ensure all systems are installed according to regulations and operating smoothly.
    5Outlet Opening
    Your new Cleanpro franchise outlet is ready for a grand launch.

    Ready to own a Cleanpro outlet?

    Simplify your investment with a self-service laundry business that runs itself. Get in touch with our consultants today.