How to use the LG Dryer


From laundry loading to machine settings, we are here to make your laundry experience hassle-free. Dive in and maximise your Cleanpro journey with our detailed LG dryer machine tutorials.

Step 1: Load washed laundry

Place your washed laundry in the drum. Avoid overloading beyond the indicated line to ensure thorough drying and to prevent issues during the dry cycle. Ensure the dryer door is securely closed before proceeding.


  • Check the care and content label on your fabric to ensure they are suitable for drying before placing them in the dryer.

  • Avoid placing dripping wet fabrics directly into the dryer, as this can impact drying efficiency and cause potential issues.

Step 2: Make payment

For cashless payment via Cleanpro Plus, scan the QR code on the machine to launch the web app. Top up your wallet to ensure a sufficient amount of credits. If paying by token/coin, insert the required amount into the machine's coin slot.

Step 3: Select drying temperature

  • High is ideal for towels and heavy fabrics, providing quick drying for larger loads.
  • Medium balances efficiency and care, making it perfect for everyday clothing.
  • Low offers gentle heat, suitable for delicate items like lingerie and lightweight fabrics.

If you are paying with Cleanpro Plus, ensure you've selected the same temperature on the machine as displayed in the web app. Then, initiate the drying cycle by pressing "START" on the machine.

Finished! Collect your dried laundry.

Cleanpro Plus users will be notified as soon as the drying cycle is over. When the machine timer indicates the end of the drying cycle, unlock the door and gather your crisp and dried laundry. Handle your fabrics with care to preserve their freshness.

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