Cleanpro Designer Laundry Bag (Limited Edition)

This stylish laundry bag boasts dual-sided patterns that blend style and function seamlessly. Its spacious interior handles all your laundry, with hand straps or shoulder carry options. Durable and chic, it's a must-have for a tidy and trendy laundry day.

Large Bag (For coloured fabrics)

Size 54 x 35 x 39 cm
Straps length 35 cm & 70 cm
Load weight 15-20kg
Material Laminated PP woven

Medium Bag (For white fabrics)

Size 45 x 22 x 45 cm
Straps length 35 cm & 70 cm
Load weight 8-12 kg
Material Laminated PP woven

Keep calm and wash with style

Be it clothes, curtains, or sheets - our premium laundry bag is here to handle your laundry carrying needs!

Durable Dual Straps

Enjoy the option of hand-carry or shoulder-carry, making your laundry transport a breeze.

Chic Dual Designs

Get two stylish designs in one bag, giving you versatility and style for your laundry journey.

Spacious design

With a wide width, you can insert those big laundries and be confident that they will fit right in.

High reusability

Made to last with high-quality materials, ensuring that you can use it for a long time.