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Coin-Operated Laundromats were first introduced by manufacturers in urban areas in America in the 1930s to teach women how to use the machines and to develop trust in them. In this 21st century, Self-Service Laundry, which once were primarily found in urban areas with high rental populations, are increasingly entering suburban areas populated by home owning middle and upper middle class families. Self-Service Laundry offer significant time-use benefits as a family’s entire laundry can be done simultaneously through the use of multiple machines.

We Do

Cleanpro Laundry Holdings Sdn Bhd offers franchising and non-franchising program to any business entrepreneur who understands the good potential growth of this industry as washing clothes is one of human basic need. Franchising brands consist of Cleanpro Express and Ibu Sayang.

Cleanpro Express Sdn Bhd is the main self-service subsidiary company under Cleanpro Laundry Holdings Sdn Bhd which offers a 24 hours self-service franchising program embracing the core value of “Hygiene, Healthy and Environmental-Friendly Self-service Laundry.”

Franchising programme under Ibu Sayang brand is more suitable for high rise buildings with limited space such as hostels, service apartments, condominiums and etc.

Changes in human lifestyle is one of the major factors to boost the demand of 24 hours self-service laundry. This element of self-service laundry industry in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand is now getting well-accepted by the people.


This offers Cleanpro branding consists of Cleanpro Express and Ibu Sayang


Non-franchise programme allows business entrepreneur to start their own trademark and characteristic of self-service laundry

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