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With the collective experience of our team, the Company has ascertained an in-depth understanding of our clients business. It is through this understanding that has enabled Cleanpro to grow and evolved into a fully integrated laundry business solution provider which offers a variety of products and services.

Business Privilege Programme

Our Business Privilege Programme offers those who would like to build their own business an opportunity to own and run a laundromat. Cleanpro will work with such individuals and provide them with the necessary equipment and know-how to operate such a business. Partners will find it extremely straighforward and almost effortless to run their laundromat, given the proven system, business plan and strategy, and a strong brand name, complemented with training sessions, both in business and technical, as well as maintenance support at all times.

Project Managemnet

For those who are interested in starting their own laundries, our team is ever ready to assit right from the drawing board to the sales of our machnies and equipment. This encompasses the provision of service, maintenance and technical support, as well as consumables required.

Likewise, Cleanpro offers a similar end-to-end package to clients from other industries such as hotels, hospitals, factories and ships which require their own on-site laundry. Our team will co-ordinate where necessary with consultants, designers, contractors and clients to ensure the smooth delivery and running of such installations.


As mentioned in our core values, Cleanpro puts emphasis on the well-being of our environment. With that in mind, we manufacture and supply innovative, eco-friendly dosing chemicals.

Cleanpro uses high efficiency, inverter driven machines that consumes less electricity, water and gas which recognizes the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly equipment.

As no one-size fits all, we have established ourselves as sole-distributor for well-known laundry machines available in the market which include Dexter, Fagor, IPSO, LG, Ghidini, Gold Eagle and Wales.

Efficiency & Effectiveness

In line with the vision, mission and values of the Company, Cleanpro undertakes to provide clients with products and services which are efficient and effective, thus being able to be profitable and competitive as well as to minimise on time and energy wastages.

We want to transform the laundry industry by providing state-of-the art equipment paired with innovative and excellent service for maximum effectiveness. This can be achieved by meeting our clients and assessing their needs before recommending the best business solutions required.

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