Become a iBu Sayang Franchisee


Beside of setup in the commercial lot, iBu Sayang is also highly recommended and suitable to setup at compact residential or high-rise building area such as condominium, apartment, campus & etc. iBu Sayang comes with its 24 hours coin-operated concept and it’s attached with the LG Commercial Laundry System that brings amazing washing services and fabulous drying results. And with it lower consumer’s price, iBu Sayang is indeed bringing a full range of self-service laundry service to the customers.

With LG Commercial Laundry System, iBu Sayang‘s conveniences benefits both customers and investors. The newly designed machine of this machine saves energy and lowered the consumption of water, this not just to save cost but environment friendly. Flexibility in machines combination allow to setup the machines in the limited space.

Furthermore, it maintains the high durability of the machine. Besides, iBu Sayang‘s setup cost is relatively low, hence, it is suitable for entry level investors who wish to invest in the self-service laundry business.