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About The Industry

Drop-Off Laundry is compatible with most commercial laundry operations. Busy, active and out-going customers love the service and are more than willing to pay the additional price to have their laundry done for them. It’s a great option for customers and could be extremely profitable for owners.

There are several different names for drop-off, including bundle, wash-dry-fold, fluff ‘n fold and bulk. All refer to the same basic concept. In a drop-off operation, customers drop off their dirty laundry and pick it up cleaned and pressed. The more attractively and professionally the clothes are processed and returned, the higher the customer satisfaction, and the higher the price tag the store can place on the service.

We Do

In this industry, you don’t need experience but you need training in order to operate machines and keep them running at their best. Skilled or non-skilled employees are trained in the proper pre-spotting, cleaning and finishing of garments, with little to no customer involvement in the process. With our expertise as machines distributor and commercial laundry chemical supplier complimented with expert consultation and laundry set up, Cleanpro Laundry Holdings Sdn Bhd is your “All In One” choice to boost your business so you can retain your customers. As a result, customers can free up time to enjoy other things like focus on their jobs and life.

Changes in human lifestyle is one of the major factors to boost the demand of 24 hours self-service laundry. This element of self-service laundry industry in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand is now getting well-accepted by the people.

We Offer

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  • Durability & Reliability
  • Energy Saving
  • 1000 Hours Test
  • Simplified Installation
  • Stainless Stell Design
  • Efficient Mix
  • Balance Control
  • Wet Cleaning
  • Maintenance Care
  • Multi-choice Inlet
  • Optimal Consumption
  • Optimized Drum

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