Mechanism of Dileka


Inside of the Dileka, the original materials called “Atom chips” are allocated. The allocation of the Atom chips is applied to the principle of natural mountains and rivers. It is designed to generate a complex vortex endlessly caused by both clockwise and counterclockwise when water passes through Tamura tubes.

The load and friction generated by the vortex of energy that is causing static electricity. With static electricity, positive charge is discharged to the outside and negative charge (electrons) leaves. These electrons make chlorine ionized (commonly called negative ions), and so they become harmless. Therefore, they effectively contribute to a wide variety of fields such as making the people and the creatures more activate, promoting the growth of vegetables or fruits much faster, bigger and heavier.

At the same time, “Atom chips” emit various lights such as far infrared rays. Based on these principles of nature, household water turn to “natural power of water” like a spring water.





Structure of Dileka