Dileka at Cleanpro

Dileka in Malaysia


As the pioneer in Malaysia Laundry Industry to implement DILEKA Water System, Cleanpro Laundry Holdings Sdn. Bhd. spare no effort in environmental protection. DILEKA Water System by TAMURA Corporation is now installed in Cleanpro Express outlets.


When DILEKA ionized water is entered into the laundry processes, those general home based dirt such as bacteria, stain and odour will be extracted. With circumstances allowing, DILEKA ionized water is even possible to clean these clothes without using detergents.

The DILEKA Water System will also detach those minerals from the water, this make it converted from hard water into soft water during the filtering process, and created a soften effect to the clothes even without adding a softener during laundry.

Under such conditions, the usage of detergents will be reduced or totally eliminated while the laundry is still achieve the same cleaning effects.


How Dileka Works at Cleanpro Express