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Cleanpro Laundry System covers all related industry from Contract Laundry, Drop-off Laundry, Self-Service Laundry, Hotel & Resort Laundry, Nursing Laundry, Marine Laundry, etc; a One Stop Laundry Business Solution that promises to deliver exceptional Business Privilege Program, Professional Consultation & Technical Support, Specialized Machinery & Equipment support, a full range of Laundry Detergent & Chemicals, dedicated Machinery Repairing & Troubleshooting, continuous Parts & Accessories supply and after sales services such as basic product training and machines preventive maintenance.


A Pioneer in 24 hours self-service laundry, Cleanpro Express is the first self-service brand under Cleanpro Laundry Holdings, which offers the self-service franchising program to its clients embracing the core value of “Hygiene, Health and Environmental-Friendly Self-Service Laundry”.


Ibu Sayang brand also offers a 24 hours self-service franchising program focused on small capital investors with a targeted area, suitable for high rise buildings with limited space such as hostels, service apartments, condominium, etc.


Dexter Laundry, Inc. has been a leader in the commercial and on-premise laundry industries since the company was founded more than a century ago. Today, employee owned company offers a complete line of front loading washer, dryers, and Laundromat management system helping commercial laundry owners experience greater success. Cleanpro Laundry Holdings Sdn Bhd is the sole distributor for Dexter products and equipment in this region since the company establish.


Cleanpro Laundry Holdings Sdn Bhd is the Sole distributor for the largest manufacturer of commercial washing equipment in Europe today. In Fagor Industrial, have been designing and manufacturing laundry equipment and solutions for many years. After so many years of work, Fagor have a whole range of washer extractors, dryers, ironers and flatwork ironers. Besides, Fagos industrial is the most updated means to design and project a laundry for our customers, adapting to their needs and supporting them in every aspect of the installation and exploitation.


LG washing machines are designed with the same level of cutting-edge technology and unique innovation that makes all of our appliance stand out from the rest. Cleanpro Laundry Holdings Sdn Bhd is the sole distributor in Malaysia for this commercial stylish good looks and unmatched performance, you’ll find that LG washers and all of our appliance are not only powerful, but beautiful to look at, as well.


Ghidini products are performing in the market since 1955 by manufacturing industrial ironing machine and those products are widely represented on the worldwide market. Cleanpro Laundry Holdings Sdn Bhd is a sole distributor of Ghidini full range of ironing equipment for particular attention to pay the needs of each single customer,by designing and developing special and customized machines.


Cleanpro Laundry Holdings Sdn Bhd is the Sole distributor for professional laundry equipment manufacture by Weiershi Washing Machinery. With the strong technology, Wales brand committed to the technology research and innovation of washing equipment, by applying the new technology, new process, launched advanced equipments with variable frequency drive, computer programming, suspended damping features and produced a group of WALES brand serial products with energy-efficient, low carbon and environmental protection.

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